Proud EF64108 ceiling fan with led light and three blades

64 inch brushed nickel ceiling fans with lights

◆64-inch white ceiling fans with light
◆Five speeds for customized comfort, controlled by remote
◆Three Quality ABS Blades
◆Integrated light fixture with opal frosted glass
◆Brushed nickel, Wood,silver also available

Product description:

Thisnickel ceiling fan EF64108 with remote control for 64inch is suitable for larger room space around 22~25m2.

Its curved blades can promise nice airflow, there 5 speeds for your free choice.


Item No.


Blade Diameter


Blade Material

Quality plastic

Primary Blade Finish


Bulb(s) Included


Motor Specification

188*20mm AC motor

Blade Pitch (in degrees)

Curved blades

Down rod length


Overall Ceiling Fan light height


Watt (High)


RPM (High)






For the core parts of motor, our co-work team go to the serious quality control process below.
Each motor we keep abroad market 5~10 years saving DC ceiling fan with LED lamplarge brushed nickel ceiling fan light and remote
FAQ: What Principles of to keep the quality of LED drive?
The LED drive is a power converter that converts the city power supply into a specific voltage and current to drive the LED light. Normally, the input of LED drive includes high voltage power frequency AC (ie city power supply), low voltage direct current, high voltage direct current, low voltage high frequency alternating current (such as output of electronic transformer), etc.

However, most of the output of the LED drive is a constant current source which can change the voltage with the change of the LED forward voltage drop.

The two most important things about buying a LED drive:

A: to identify the capacitor brand, of course, the price is more expensive than other unknown brand capacitor.

B: to check whether it has IC control chip, because IC control chip able to avoid short-circuit, over-voltage, overload, over temperature protection function.

As long as the driver with above two points, its quality is already very good.

Meanwhile the following points should be also considered when selecting the LED drive:

General principle

1, according to the current and voltage characteristics of LED, it is better to use constant current drive. It can avoid the change of the LED forward voltage and cause the current change, while the constant current makes the brightness of LED stable.

2, in addition, LED luminous flux is inversely proportional to the temperature, so the produced heat of power supply in the use should be minimized and the design of a good cooling system. Thereby it can reduce the environmental temperature of LED work.

3, in order to ensure the overall life of LED products, it is necessary to control the LED junction temperature in a certain range, that is, to control the work environment temperature of LED products.


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