52 inch brushed nickel natural wood ceiling fans

◆52-inch interior ceiling fan and natural wood blades
◆153*18mm silicon steel motor for powerful and quiet air circulation
◆Three fan speeds (high/medium/low) for customized comfort
◆Brushed nickel finish, other finish such as matte black white can be available
◆Ideal for rooms up to15~22㎡ with standard 2.3m ceilings

Product description:

The East Fan EF52078N Ceiling fan has three natural wood blades, usually installed living room, reading room, dinning room etc.
There elegant curved blades made larger airflow to provide your cool and comfort.


Item No.


Blade Diameter



Brushed nickel

Blade Material

Natural wood

Primary Blade Finish


Bulb(s) Included


Motor Specification

Silicon Steel Motor 153mm x 18mm

Down rod length


Overall Ceiling Fan light height


Watt (High)


RPM (High)






The design structure and natural blades in Proud
This simple elegant ceiling fan with light EF52178N promise quiet movement for the people who choose it. The blades just made by natural wood from natural. The light parts we usually keep 2 years warranty52inch nickel natural wood ceiling fan
FAQ: How a DC ceiling fan to save energy?
Brushless DC Motor energy saving fan is more efficient at converting electricity into mechanical power than a brushed DC motor fan. This improvement is largely due to the absence of electrical and friction losses due to brushes. The enhanced efficiency is greatest in the no-load and low-load region of the motor’s performance curve. Brushless DC motor energy fans are micro processor-controlled to keep the stator current in phase with the permanent magnets of the rotor, requiring less current for the same effect and therefore resulting in greater efficiency and less power consumption. Brushless DC motor energy saving fan offers several advantages over traditional brushed DC motor energy fans, including more torque per weight, more torque per watt (increased efficiency), increased reliability, reduced noise, longer lifetime (no brush and commutator erosion), elimination of ionizing sparks from the commutator and overall reduction of electromagnetic interference (EMI). With no windings on the rotor, our energy saving fans are not subjected to centrifugal forces, and because the windings are supported by the housing, they can be cooled by conduction, requiring no airflow inside the motor for cooling. This in turn means that the motor’s internals can be entirely enclosed and protected from dirt or other foreign matter. The main features of this energy saving DC Brushless motor ceiling fan are as follows:

◆ More Quiet Motor Operation.

◆ Longer Life Expectancy.

◆ Accept input voltages of 100~240 VAC, 12 or 24 VDC.

◆ Save up to 70% power consumption than traditional AC Motor ceiling fan, huge energy savings! Related Articles


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