Proud 52inch black coffee ceiling fan with five blade EF52125

5 blade black ceiling fan light and remote

◆52-inch black ceiling fan with remote control
◆Middle airflow with quiet running
◆Three fan speeds (high/medium/low) and wall control also adaptable
◆Quality plywood blades
◆Integrated light fixture with opal frosted glass
◆Bronze finish also available
◆Limited time warranty on motor; two-year warranty on all other parts

Product description:
This Black coffee ceiling fans EF52125 with size 52 inch is suitable for room space around 15~22m2.

Wall control also adaptable. With reverse function.

52inch black coffee ceiling fan with five blade

Item No.


Blade Diameter


Blade Material


Primary Blade Finish

Black coffee

Bulb(s) Included


Motor Specification

Silicon Steel Motor 188mm x 15mm

Blade Pitch (in degrees)


Down rod length


Overall Ceiling Fan light height


Watt (High)


RPM (High)






This simple modern ceiling fan is widely used as hotel room ceiling fan, living room ceiling fans and bedroom ceiling fans etc.modern black ceiling fans with remotedecoration modern ceiling fans with lights
FAQ: What is the key point for the life of LED lighting parts?
The life of LED lamps is calculated by reducing the brightness of the beads to less than 50% of the time of use. Basically, the imported lamp bead chip can last about 70,000 hours, and the total time of success or failure is more than 100,000 hours.

The life of LED lamps and lanterns is to include the use time of LED bead chip, the service life of driving power supply, and the damage of the whole part of the lamps and lanterns, etc. The real use time of lamps and lanterns is about 20,000 hours. If the technology is poor, the service life of lamps and lanterns will be very short.

There is a fatal weakness of led, that is, to stabilize the DC current, and once it exceeds the rated value, its life will be greatly shortened. For this reason, almost every lamp has a dedicated electronic drive circuit, which is the short board of the whole lamp. More than 99% of the faults are caused by it. However, with the improvement of Technology and manufacturing technology, the reliability of the electronic circuit is rapidly increasing, generally speaking, one is used. Years still exist.

LED light
52 inch best ceiling fan with light and remote
One watt LED equals about 8 watt brightness of traditional incandescent bulbs. Take a 15 square metre living room as an example. About 14-15 watts of LED light source (about 600 lumens) can meet the basic lighting needs.
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