Luxury Decorative ceiling fan lights function

1, decorative
Twenty years ago from Taiwan began a frenzied production ceiling fan has been sold in the market thousands of styles, from single color ceiling fan to the colorful style of cas ordinary type, Victorian style ceiling fans, unique Italian style ceiling fans with lights, European classical style ceiling fan with lights, luxury decorative ceiling fan light , featuring magnificent Roman style, the mysterious ancient Greek style, simple and elegant modern ceiling fans with lights etc., designers in the ceiling fan light in the different art style show thoroughly.
2, practical
a: With the trend of global warming and energy-saving environmental protection, air conditioning, power-hungry appliances such more restricted use, a ceiling fan, air conditioning is equivalent to 20 electricity consumption, at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees with can achieve the cooling fan is driven heat effect, and so the capacity of the fan in the (table fan, stand fan, ceiling fans, etc.) only a ceiling fans in the same amount of power generated at the maximum, so a lot of European countries are recommended to use this energy-saving ceiling fan appliances. Also found with the use of air conditioning with ceiling fans can reduce air conditioning load, but also the interior is not easy to make a cold temperature difference, comfort is very good. Most decorative ceiling made of high quality silicon steel motor, electromagnetic effects produced by better, and low speed is the speed of capacitive without capacitance of more power than the governor, a number of energy-saving technology allows the class ceiling fan with excellent energy efficiency. b: Seasons Available decorative ceiling also has forward and reverse switch. The hot season, set forward, fan blades forward, feeling the gentle cool wind; in air-conditioned indoor air conditioner can assist to increase the flow of cold air, reducing power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, but also to prevent air-conditioning syndrome . Cold season, is set to reverse, reverse the fan blades can increase the indoor heat pressed down, the room who feel the wind, but it increases the air circulation in the warm air of the indoor, more can warm air convection rate increases, so that the indoor heat uniformly warm as spring. c: quiet and safe because the majority of decorative ceiling made of high quality silicon steel motors, so noise from the motor is smaller than the average fan a lot quieter, the other with wooden blades are therefore more secure. d: Other can be equipped with remote control, remote control as well as some of the sleep timer function, it is suitable for use at night.