Ceiling fans with lights industry trends

Current ceiling fan light have changed people's minds the traditional image, both in appearance and function more pursuit of personalized, tower fan airflow elegant and cute cartoon table fan, and computer-controlled, natural wind, sleep wind, anion These features and other functions that belong to the air conditioner, but also by many fans manufacturers to bring an issue, and added lighting, insect repellent and more practical function on this basis. The appearance of the eclectic and versatile products have become fans in the market this year, one of the highlights, and this difference is also a selling point foreshadowed the entire fan industry trends and future direction.
According to statistics, market maturity is high electric fan industry in China there is still a large market capacity, but because of the relatively old technology in this industry, the appearance of a fixed single common market stand fan, box fan, desk fan, wall fan, roof fans, ceiling fans homogenization of these traditional types of appearance and functionality of the fans is very serious, severely hampering the development of this market and improve. But in recent years a number of major companies began to be aware of them through active and innovative, breaking the old traditional design, have developed a series of innovative richer, more differentiated personality of the new products, in order to continue to be a big cake and product upgrades.
"Small, light, pretty, odd" is the main direction of the fan, especially ceiling fan light. Consumers seem to cute little soft spot for home appliances. In order to cater to changing consumer tastes of consumers, the major fan manufacturers in product size and weight down the foot work, so the appearance cute, bright colors, size petite fan page, a variety of portable electric fans came into being, these Fan housing and fan pages are plastic as raw material, as a whole is extremely lightweight, plus petite size and beautiful color and appearance, sales in the terminal after a launch is very prosperous. We believe that in the next few years, this "small, light, good" product design will continue the application for the manufacturers.