What height is suitable for installation of ceiling fans with lights?

According to what is suitable height ceiling fan lights?
This question, presumably generally used friends all know, the height of ceiling fan light is generally about 30-50,including a ceiling fan because of the boom, boom, 6 cm short, plus the height of ceiling fans and lighting in general there35cm or so, unless the ceiling fan light, a very low height.
That DEKA was home ceiling fan light generally have 32inch 36inch 42inch, 46inch, 48inch, 52inch, 56inch, 60inch size, height isgenerally 30-55 in height, if the family house height of less than 2 m 6, then it not suitable for installed.
Will my house hanging ceiling, can install a ceiling fan light it?
A: If the roof hanging ceiling, as long as the ceiling height from the ground is not less than 2 meters 6, it can be installed, I can give you with a longer boom, between the ceiling and the roof is still some distance, so take longer boom.