ceiling fan lights manufacturers teach you to identify the air volume

When many of my friends install the ceiling fans light fan lights will care about size of the wind, after all, although the fan lights decorative features are important, but as a function of the fan, its air volume size is also very important for its practical aspects. But the air volume to see how?
said that the capacity of the fan lamp with fan motor size, leaf frame angle, blade angle, as well as use of the environment, etc. are relevant. Of course, motor, leaf frame angle, blade angle at the factory has been designed, and is the best data, so consumers have no need to worry.
The use of the environment, should be noted that according to the fan lights original accessories for installation, not inside another small space to install, and pay attention to prevent the blade from the ceiling too close, the impact of air flow under normal circumstances is not large. The greatest impact on the amount of wind should be considered a motor fan lights. Choose generally a fan light 188 motor wind bigger.
Chinese ceiling fans light manufacturers, Reminder: how much space to use fan lights have a certain stress, according to their own situation to choose the best, if they are not sure, then you can make professional who provide the best solution for you, please consult our service for you.

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